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End of Tenancy - Moving out and deposit return

Moving home can be stressful. There are specific requirements when leaving a rented property which are not always obvious. People naturally worry about getting their deposit back. This can all add to the stress of moving.

To make things easier and reduce the chances of having any deductions from your deposit we have produced this information sheet. We hope you find it helpful.

Check-out date

The date and time of your check-out meeting will be shown in the letter we have sent you. The check-out meeting may not take place on the last day of your tenancy if that date falls on a weekend or bank holiday. Checkout meetings take place during working hours Monday-Friday. We recommend that you attend the check-out meeting, however this is not absolutely necessary as we will take pictures of any areas of concern.

It is important that the property is ready to hand back to us when the check-out meeting starts, as it will not be possible for you to re-enter the property after the meeting. If the property is not ready we may reschedule the meeting and charge you for the cancelled meeting.

Preparation for check-out

The aim is for the property to be in the same condition at the check-out as the condition recorded on the inventory you agreed at the start of your tenancy. All the listed items should be in the same place. The only things that should be different are items agreed during the tenancy, plus any fair wear and tear.

In preparation for the check-out meeting we suggest you make time to go through the inventory and check each item listed to ensure it is in the same condition and place as recorded. As a guide to help you prepare you should consider the following points:


In our experience most deductions from deposits are for inadequate cleaning, often despite hard work by outgoing tenants. Given this we strongly advise you use professional cleaners and for a receipt to be handed over to the Inventory Clerk at the end of tenancy inspection or for this to be emailed into our office.

Carpet cleaning

Please be aware that your tenancy may state that you have the carpets cleaned by a professional and recognised carpet cleaning company (this does not include the hire of a Rug Doctor or similar). As per your tenancy agreement a receipt of confirmation of the job being completed will be required. We can provide details of recommended carpet cleaning companies.


Make sure all your food and rubbish is removed from the property, including emptying wheelie bins and having them cleaned. This also includes garden rubbish/cuttings.


Make sure any missing or broken items or appliances are replaced with suitable items agreed with us. If we need to repair or replace anything then you will be charged for this and for our time. We can provide details of contractors who can repair

or replace items. Please note items must be replaced or repaired with appropriate items, e.g. a broken oven door will need parts approved by the oven manufacturer.

Making good

Where you have fixed things to the walls, e.g. TV or satellite connections, or caused any damage to the walls, you need to properly fill the holes and use matching paint so the holes can’t be seen. If you don’t do this or the repairs are poor we will charge for these repairs.

Batteries and bulbs

Replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide alarms where needed. Replace any missing or broken light bulbs. Unless the inventory shows they were not working it is assumed they were all working when you moved in. You will therefore be charged for any replacements required.


When you check out make sure you return the same keys you signed for at the start of (or received during) the tenancy. Missing keys may necessitate a change of lock which will be charged to you. Please make sure keys are clearly labelled or left securely away near the door to which they belong. We will not accept your keys before the checkout date/meeting as you remain responsible for the property until the end of your tenancy.

Rent payment

Rent is paid in advance so your last rent payment is due the month before your check-out date. Once this is paid don’t forget to cancel the standing order which pays your rent. If you don’t cancel the standing order and overpay rent it may take a few days to get this transferred back to you, and we may need to make a charge for this.

Mail redirection

We will not forward mail to you after you leave the property. Future occupants may mark your mail as return to sender, but we can’t insist on this so you should not rely upon it. To avoid missing important items or incurring a cost you should arrange with Royal Mail for all your mail to be redirected to your new address. Failure to do this also exposes you to risk of identity fraud.

Utility bills

Make sure you contact your utility suppliers (electric; gas; water; phone, satellite/cable) to arrange your final bill. You will also need to ensure you pay Council Tax to the last day of tenancy and notify them of your move.

Winter protection

When the weather is cold please leave the heating and hot water on a low setting to protect against freezing after you leave. Please also do this for any time the property is empty before the checkout meeting.

We hope this information has been useful and helps you prepare well.

If you have any concerns or questions about your check-out then please contact us on 0115 914 1122.

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