Latest Royston & Lund Sporting Achievement Award at Abbey Road School, West Bridgford

We are delighted to have presented the latest Royston & Lund Sporting Achievement to Chloe Salisbury at Abbey Road School. The award was made in front of a packed assembly and Chloe was obviously a popular winner with her classmates. A willingness to be a great team member helped her to win the award as well as fantastic technical skills in many sports, particularly in football. In fact Chloe plays at Leicester City currently so fingers crossed everything goes well for her. As usual, we donated £200 for Chloe to spend on sporting equipment for the school.

Our award is a real highlight in the schools calendar and awards day is eagerly anticipated. We started making the award 7 years ago to the four schools we work with, meaning we have donated well over £5000 to the schools involved.