A Room With a View Adds Almost 30% to a Properties Price Tag

It appears that house hunters in the UK are prepared to pay considerably more for a house with a beautiful view located in a major town or city.

According to new research from HouseSimple, buyers are willing to pay an additional 30% for a nice view, which on average, adds approximately £78,400 to the price tag of the home.

The research found that in large urban areas where public green spaces are quite scarce, such as Sheffield, Liverpool, Cardiff, Glasgow and Middlesbrough, a great view can almost double the price of the home.

Properties that featured a view of Sheffield’s popular Endcliffe Park, were valued at a massive 121% higher than the city average. Similar statistics were seen in Liverpool, as homes with a view of Sefton Park saw property prices that were 112% higher than the city average. 

Also, as expected, greenery in the country’s capital fetches a high price, with properties with a view of Hyde Park selling for 97% higher than the London average.

Although there were some areas throughout the UK in which being close to a major park had little to no effect on the price of the home, it’s clear that for most buyers, it seems to be near the top of their wish list.

These stats come as no surprise as only last month it was reported just how essential a bit of greenery is for home buyers, with almost half of them stating that they wouldn’t even consider a home that didn’t feature a garden.

CEO at HouseSimple, Alex Gosling said “In large urban areas where many properties don’t have a garden or access to a communal garden, living near public parks or green spaces is often one of the top wishes amongst buyers

“That high demand inevitably impacts on the price people will pay, but many buyers may not realise just how much of a premium they could be paying. That doesn’t mean there aren’t good value properties around some of the UK’s urban green spaces, but for real value, it’s probably worth looking at roads that are a short walk away”.

Some examples of available properties with views:

Trent Basin, Nottingham £395,000 - https://www.royston-lund.co.uk/property-for-sale/nottingham-portside-street-nottingham/ng2-4ds/1005078

Princeton House, West Bridgford £119,950 - https://www.royston-lund.co.uk/property-for-sale/nottingham-princeton-house-west-bridgford/ng2-7rf/1900778

Riverbank House, The Embankment £249,950 - https://www.royston-lund.co.uk/property-for-sale/nottingham-victoria-embankment-victoria-embankment/ng2-2jy/1680127

Boundary Road, West Brigdford £825,000 - https://www.royston-lund.co.uk/property-for-sale/nottingham-boundary-road-west-bridgford/ng2-7by/1886173

Melton Road, Tollerton £375,000 -  https://www.royston-lund.co.uk/property-for-sale/nottingham-melton-road-tollerton/ng12-4en/1832588

Gotham Road, Kingston on Soar £765,000 - https://www.royston-lund.co.uk/property-for-sale/nottingham-gotham-road-kingstononsoar/ng11-0df/1531495