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We can give you a rough idea of value over the phone. However in reality the only way to find out the true value of your property is for us to visit. With over 25 years’ local experience and masses of marketing data, we know property prices vary enormously. Issues such as the location, the décor, quality of the bathroom and kitchen, as well as property ‘feel’ make a real difference to the valuation.

During the valuation visit we will look at comparable properties that have recently been rented locally, any currently competing properties and the number of tenants that are looking for your type of property.

We can also advise you on the following:

  •   The type of tenant we would expect for your property;
  •   How long tenants are likely to stay;
  •   Works needed to prepare the property for renting;
  •   Your safety obligations as a landlord;
  •   How you should maintain your property as a landlord;
  •   Rental yields & capital growth estimates;
  •   Our service packages and which one may meet your needs.

That will ensure you have all the information you need to make a completely informed decision.
If you are not ready to rent the property just yet, this will still be a worthwhile exercise to help your planning. We can then update you as the market changes.

The valuation process takes between half an hour and one hour, depending upon how much information you would like.

So please, just contact us to request a valuation. It's free and there is no obligation, so why not give us a chance to show what we could do for you?